Privacy Policy

Effective: March 1, 2020

Your privacy matters
You can learn how we handle your information when you use our Services by reading our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to give the Privacy Policy a careful look because, by using our Services, you agree that SA Remote can collect, use, and transfer your information consistent with that policy.

The information we store
We store data about cargo and ships. Some of the information we store can be related to people, so-called “Personal Data”. The Personal Data which we store:

  • user e-mail addresses (which are used as a login and a communication channel) and the associated settings in our Platform. The e-mail addresses are provided by the contract party (SA Remote’s customer), as new users are added to the platform.
  • devices (phone App) are identified by a ‘nick name’; and while this may be any abstract text, we are conscious this nick may often contain a name of the actual app user.
    All this information is stored into our database(s), which are located in various highly secured datacentres. We use the services of the world’s leading datacentre providers.

How we use this data
SA Remote by nature is aimed to store condition of ships and cargo (be it normal condition or damaged condition. We do not aim to collect or store “Personal data”. But the information is relevant and needed for the SA Remote environment to function. Therefore we pay a lot of attention to securing and protecting the Personal Data concerned.

How you can remove the information
If you are concerned with the content on SA Remote, you can to enter the App and remove it (“Delete”). Note that this will remove the content from viewing in the platform, but it may still reside on our servers and/or backups.

Similarly, if you are concerned with your e-mail address residing on the Platform, you may remove your account.

If you are not comfortable the information is sufficiently removed, do contact us on; and we will try to remove or alter the information which creates your specific privacy concern in such a way you need not worry, while we keep our Platform up and running.

Cookies information
We use cookies. Like on almost every website, cookies are very handy to store non-sensitive user-specific information such as what time-zone a user is in, or what kind of language preferences a user had. We also use these Cookies to see how users are using our platform, in order to better understand how to support and improve our solution. We do not sell or share the information collected from the use of cookies with third parties without obtaining your consent.