Insurers, brokers and policy holders benefit from SA Remote.

  • First Notification Of Loss
  • Claim and damage survey reporting
  • Condition reporting in accordance with Joint Hull guidelines
How to fill out the First notification of loss in app

Are you looking to buy a ship – why not have a remote survey done of the ship.

Whether it is a stevedore damage, P&I or Hull & Machinery, SA Remote will enable you to swiftly obtain evidence and material information required to make an informed decision on a given casualty.

SA Remote not only works on damage surveys, it can also be deployed on HSEQ or general condition surveys and assessments via proprietary survey forms developed on the basis of Survey Association’s extensive marine experience.

How to fill out the First notification of loss in app

Whether there is a problem or not, the transportation supply chain is complex, with many handover points and transportation often through remote locations.

SA Remote can provide you with reports on:

  • Container condition
  • Cargo condition
  • Truck & Trailer inspection
  • Damage reporting
How to fill out the IMO Condition Survey

SA Remote can be used for Container inspections. Whether it is at the depot or in port, you can get:

  • Container damage inspection
  • Container condition report
  • Container repair delivery reports
Image for container inspections in app