Cookie Use

Effective: March 1, 2020

About “Cookies”
We use cookies. Like on almost every website, cookies are very handy to store non-sensitive user-specific information such as what time-zone a user is in, or what kind of language preferences a user had. We also use these Cookies to see how users are using our platform, in order to better understand how to support and improve our solution. We do not sell or share the information collected from the use of cookies with third parties without obtaining your consent.

Our Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how we use cookies, how third-parties we may partner with may use cookies, your choices regarding cookies and further information about cookies.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of text sent by your web browser by a website you visit. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows the Service or a thirdparty to recognize you and make your next visit easier and the Service more useful to you. Cookies can be “persistent” or “session” cookies.

How we use Cookies
When you use and access the our Public website or -as a registered user- our Platform, we may place a number of cookies files in your web browser. We use cookies for the following purposes: to enable certain functions of the Service, to provide analytics, to store your preferences, to enable advertisements delivery, including behavioral advertising.

We use both session and persistent cookies on the Service and we use different types of cookies to run the Service:

  • Essential cookies. We may use essential cookies to authenticate users and prevent fraudulent use of user accounts.
  • Experience cookies are used to store certain settings and preferences (e.g. your language or timezone); this wat we can give all our users a highly personalised environment.
  • Tracking cookies are used to track user moves in both the Platform and our Public website. On the platform, tracking gives us information about (potential) errors or inefficient user experience -allowing us to improve things!-. On our public website we use tracking to improve our idea of (potential) new clients and how to best approach them with appropriate advertising.

In addition to our own cookies, we may also use various thirdparties cookies to report usage statistics of the Service, deliver advertisements on and through the Service, and so on.